>Homemade Crunchy Pecan & Maple Syrup Ice Cream

>Since it has been hot I got up in the attic and got my ice cream churn down.  We are going to make some ice cream after lunch.  I found this old recipe and thought I would share it.What you will need:4 oz pecan nuts chopped2 oz butter2 … [Continue reading]

>Reading Weekend

>What are you reading this weekend? … [Continue reading]

>Welcome Dawn Menge

>Heath Rhoades is the Astronomy Team Leader and specializes in software and technology development for Table Mountain Observatory. Mr. Rhoades conducts asteroid and comet astrometry and collaborates with planetary scientists in … [Continue reading]

>Authors I like to read

>Here you will find all the authors I have read or do read continuously.  I will be updating from time to time as I try new authors.I would recommend everyone below to anyone who enjoys mysteries, thrillers,  *Jane Austen or Harry … [Continue reading]

>The Richard Sharpe Series

>The Richard Sharpe Series My kids and I finished watching the whole series based on books written by Bernard Cornwell.  I have to say we fell in love with the series and are thinking of buying them to watch again when we want.  The … [Continue reading]

>Mansfield Park

>Lastly of the Jane Austen movies we have Mansfield Park.  I do not own this DVD in any version as I do not care of any of the ones I have seen.  Fanny Price who goes to live with prosperous relatives at Mansfield Park. Fanny … [Continue reading]

>Northanger Abbey

>Northanger Abbey.  I have the 2007 version with Felicity Jones &  Willam Beck along with others.  Felicity Jones (Meadowlands) plays romance addict Catherine Morland. Invited to a medieval country house that appeals to her … [Continue reading]


>Persuasion is the next movie I have come to like.  The version I have stars Rupert Penry-Jones, Sally Hawkins, Alice Krige, Julia Davis and Anthony Head along with a few more it was made in 2007.  Anne Elliot fell deeply in … [Continue reading]

>Sense & Sensibility

>Sense and Sensibility 1995This is another one of my favorites I enjoy watching.  The DVD I have and enjoy the most has  James Fleet, Emma Thompson,  Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant.  These are just a few of the actors and … [Continue reading]


>Emma 1996.  I have watched this movie at least 25 times if not more.   It is such a lovely movie.  Again, I do have this DVD as well and hope it last a while.  The DVD I have has Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy … [Continue reading]