>Review for Freezer Burn by Gayle Carline

>Review for Freezer Burn by Gayle Carline

> Freezer Burn ………………………..4 I really enjoyed this book.  Peri use to clean houses for a living until she got her PI’s license.  She does small work at the moment with insurance companies etc until Benny Needles calls on Peri to help get an artifact out of his freezer as he is a big Dean […]

>Review of Advent of a Mystery by Marilyn Leach

>Review of Advent of a Mystery by Marilyn Leach

> Advent of a Mystery……………………..4 I am really enjoying this book.  Lillie and Berdie are my favorite characters.  Berdie use to be an investigative reporter and has solved a case before and she thought was was done until she moved to the little village of Aidan Kirkwood.   She is a vicars wife and not […]

>Review of Emmy Budd & The Hijacked Train by Jean Blasiar

>  Emmy Budd & The Hijacked Train……4 Emmy who is 12 meets TJ who is 13 he thinks she is ok for a girl.  The two get on a train and have an adventure and solve the crime of the day.  My two boys loved me reading this book to them and I found myself […]

>Review of Emmy Budd Don’t Look Now by Jean Blasiar

> Emmy Budd Don’t Look Now…..4 Emmy and TJ are at it again in this new book.  A new summer has arrived and the kids are suspicious of a new person at the drugstore and a note they found in a phone booth.  What will all this led to?  One can only imagine with these […]

>Review of Strangers by Mary Anna Evans

> Strangers……………….3 Faye and Joe are a cute couple who have own archaeologist consulting firm.  They are in St. Augustine getting ready to dig in the back yard of a manor. Things start to happen just in the first 24 hours of being in St Augustine along with some interesting finds in the back yard. […]

>Review of The Knight’s Family Legacy by Marilyn R Hill-Sutton

> The Knight’s Family Legacy: One Family’s Story……4 I have to say this was an interesting read of the Knight family background.  The author did a great job in researching and producing the information for all to see.  It was extraordinary to see how the knight family came to be and Major Knight’s life with […]

>Review of The Undated Life How to Succeed No Mater What by Robert C David

> How to Succeed No Matter What………..4 I have to say I was surprised by the book.  I normally don’t read these types of books as for me they are well lets face it, boring.  Now again this is just me.  I learned a lot from this book.  The author goes over a lot that […]

>Review of Goodness Gracious Green & more by Judy Christie

> Goodness Gracious Green…….5 Now this was an enjoyable read.  Lois is the owner of the local newspaper in Louisiana.   The newspaper building catches fire was it an accident or was it on purpose by a few people Lois has made or fired lately.  The community comes together in many ways and teaches us […]

>Review of Stress Free life by Bishop Bonnie Etta

> Stress Free Life…………..3 The book was interesting to read and a quick read.  Most of what is talked about is keeping your faith and to forgive.  Don’t keep things bottled up inside let go and forgive makes life a lot better.  I found the book interesting.  

>Review of Vanished by David Daigle

>Review of Vanished by David Daigle

> Vanished …………4 This was an interesting read about a druid who sleeps thru 10 sun cycles ( 600 years )  to awake  to find the druid community he knew vanished.  I found all the characters really intriguing.  Star really comes out in the book and shines.  Everyone draws you into the book and keeps […]