Eros Launch Party 8-15

Eros Launch Party 8-15

Click on picture for more info

Click on picture for more info

Eros – Erotica and Erotic Romance from Musa Publishing—an exciting new imprint, launches on August 15, and we want you to be a part of the celebration. will be launching a new line called Eros. 
Some of your favorite erotica and erotic romance authors will stop by throughout the day to chat with readers and talk about their new and upcoming releases. 

Register ( join ) for the party and we’ll enter you in the drawing for a Grand Prize of a Kindle Fire HD 7″! You’ll also have a chance to win Musa gift cards and some great signed author swag. 

Books, Books, Books! We’re giving away a Musa selection each hour as our way of thanking readers for coming by to help us usher in a wonderful line of spicy reads. 

Friday, August 15 is the day, from 9 am to 10 pm. We will have authors coming by to chat with readers and they will be giving away a few items. Please come join us as we celebrate an exciting new line at Musa Publishing.

Sloane Taylor
Brita Addams
Maggie McCullough
Olivia Starke
Annie Anthony
Alexa Day
Zenobia Renquist
Sunny Lane
Helen Hardt
Alice Cross

Wine Service by Zenobia Renquist releasing 8-29

Wine Service by Zenobia Renquist releasing 8-29

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Lexie’s job as a housekeeper at a five-star hotel doesn’t normally include the unique and risque form of room service that important hotel guest Mr. Malena has requested, nor the generous tip he’s offered. Lexie can’t resist, and what should have been a one time thing turns into an introduction into the sensual world of customer satisfaction. She finds much enjoyment in her “work,” but is it worth risking her job?

Be sure to come check out this great release.

 Turnabout Day by Alexa Day releasing 8-22

 Turnabout Day by Alexa Day releasing 8-22

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Sugarcane heiress Chloe Newton said goodbye to indentured servant Peter Darrow with her first kiss, on a hillside one long-ago summer night as mechanized cane cutters worked the fields below them. Now Peter’s returned, no longer a boy and no one’s servant, to take charge of the fleet of machines that work Chloe’s estate. On Turnabout Day, Chloe takes on the uniform and duties of a maid, and she seeks the courage to offer Peter more than a celebratory drink. By giving in to his commands, she’ll surrender to his need and become mistress of her own desire.



She reached for Peter’s mouth, wanting to stroke his full lips. He intercepted her hand and pressed her fingers together almost painfully.

“Listen to me, Chloe,” he whispered before releasing her hand. “I won’t be like those rich boys you’re used to. I won’t treat you as if you’re made of glass.”

His promise, his desire-laden voice, made all her empty places ache, and she sighed. He slid his hands down her bare arms.

“Tonight, you must do as I say, love. You must do anything I say. Is that what you want, Chloe?”

She flattened her hand against his chest and summoned her friend Beryl’s flirtatious spirit. “What do you think?”

He leaned down toward her, moving with a torturous slowness, and she pressed her lips to his. Her skin burned where it met his. The smooth, soft surface of his generous mouth teased her. Need erupted in her, and she fought the desire to wrap her arms around him.

Before she could remind herself that she was Beryl tonight, he pulled away from her. “Chloe, kiss me. Kiss me.”

She pulled him to her and kissed him hard, the way she’d wanted other men to kiss her. She locked her mouth to his, but she’d only begun to ease his mouth open when he parted his lips for her. Then he took control, his tongue eagerly taking possession of her mouth.

Oh, yes. Yes!

Need uncurled deep inside her. She’d wanted this so badly, to be claimed by a man.

By this man.

Spank Me by Olivia Starke Releasing 8-15

Spank Me by Olivia Starke Releasing 8-15

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Recently divorced, Cindy is ready to kick start a new life in a huge way by fulfilling her kinkiest fantasy—being bound, spanked, and used for pleasure. Through a friend, she finds the perfect partners, a sultry English vixen and her gorgeous partner Cindy only knows as “Master.”

Cindy has never mixed pleasure with pain, nor has she ever dared explore her craving to taste another woman. Once she crosses that tempting line, there’s no going back. Will she have the courage to say “Yes, Master”?



Cindy picked up a wide wooden paddle and tested its weight in her hand. A tremor of excitement passed through her. She’d never taken this avenue for sexual pleasure. Definitely not with Jake the Jerk. He would’ve at best laughed, at worst tried to commit her to an institution.

Cindy dropped the paddle back onto the table. Handcuffs hung from the wall nearby, and in the opposite corner sat a strange contraption she didn’t recognize. Made from black steel, it looked something like an easel with straps for binding. Moisture flooded her pussy as naughty ideas of what it was used for filled her mind. Not that she would find out tonight. She’d requested only one thing.

The spanking bench loomed in her peripheral vision.

She jumped when a door opened against the back wall. Her heart stuttered, and a surge of nervous energy made her legs go weak. In walked a man and a woman. The man dropped a duffel bag next to the wall, and Cindy wondered what it held. She swept her gaze over the two quickly, taking in their attire. Wow, she was seriously underdressed. Heat spread from her chest up into her cheeks, surely coloring her a nice shade of scarlet. Second thoughts didn’t begin to describe what was rushing through her mind like a broken rollercoaster on a downhill track.

“Hello, Cindy,” the man said in a deep rich voice that made her quiver.

His blue-eyed gaze devoured her from head to toe. He was barefoot and dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt stretched snuggly across a vast expanse of chest. His shaggy sandy blond hair gave him an Adonis charm.

Her breath caught in her throat. He definitely didn’t look the part of Dom. She’d imagined someone dark and brooding, not California cool.

He nodded to his companion. “This is my partner, Isabelle.” Isabelle flashed a smile showcasing perfect white teeth. “It’s a complete pleasure,” the woman said with a decidedly English inflection. Lustrous waves spilled over her shoulders with the perfect blue-black sheen of a raven’s wings, while her onyx gaze reflected the flirtatious upturn of her lips. Dressed in a fitted red knee-length dress that accentuated her ample God-given curves, she was an olive-skinned Aphrodite.

Little plain Cindy Barrett was in the company of the gods. She swallowed over a hard lump of indecision, ready to run like the weenie she was. Who was she to upset the balance of the universe? She’d played the meek role of prude extraordinaire for so many years. Why not let the streak continue? She took a step backward. Isabelle and the Adonis glanced at one another.

The Adonis chuckled. “Come now. You’re not backing out on us, are you?” His southern twang spoke of Alabama or Georgia heritage. “I’m afraid my dear Isabelle and I would be completely heartbroken.”

“Will you help us fulfill our fantasy, Cindy?” Isabelle purred with a picture perfect pout. Her gaze roamed over Cindy.

This was wrong, a fantasy simply too wicked to carry out. Everything she had been taught growing up in a conservative Kansas town screamed in the forefront of her mind. The flames of hell licked at her heels for even considering this avenue of kink. Her heart thumped, ready to burst from her ribcage.


Shaken by Maggie McCullough releasing 8-15

Shaken by Maggie McCullough releasing 8-15


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Anne Rutledge has always played it safe. Responsible. Career-conscious. Lackluster lovers. One stormy night changes everything. Anne meets a man who turns her well-ordered life upside down and inside out. Intense. Passionate. Forceful. Evan Jamison isn’t a man she can ignore. Sparks fly, ignite and spontaneously combust. Anne convinces herself a one night stand is the perfect solution.

Two weeks later and she can’t forget the wild, hot sex or the scarves Evan had tied to his bedposts; the scarves he says he’ll save for next time. She receives a text, an invitation to blindfolds and untold delights. Anne accepts; Evan doesn’t disappoint. Can Anne reconcile her chosen career with the not so proper sex she enjoys with Evan?


A shudder coursed through her body at the sexy rasp of his voice. Her nipples tightened. Any hope that he hadn’t noticed was quashed as his gaze moved downward.

Evan reached across the counter to brush biscuit crumbs from her lips, and she was lost, mired in a swamp of sexual awareness.

Her breasts were swollen and achy.

Her nipples chafed against the cotton tee.

Evan traced the curve of her lips with his finger. She melted inside like chocolate left in the sun. A tiny whimper escaped her open mouth as he stepped back.

But only for a moment. He veered around the counter and pulled her to her feet. His eyes were deep, dark pools of passion as his hand brushed the damp curls from her brow.

He caressed one cheek, and then the other, held her head between his two hands. The intensity of his expression made her go weak in the knees.

She held her breath as he lowered his lips to hers. Hallelujah!

His kiss was neither tentative nor sweet. It was hungry and possessive; it claimed ownership, commanded submission.

Not that she minded.

She didn’t resist.

She was wet.


She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Anne stood on her tiptoes, arching into his body. She couldn’t get close enough to Evan. Her heated skin sought contact with his masculine strength. His tongue demanded entrance; it became a mating invitation she was all too willing to accept.

He plundered her mouth, a purposeful foreshadowing of his ultimate objective.

Evan held her close, lifted her feet off the floor, and pressed her against the wall. Anne moaned and melted into him, molding her form against his.

What is it about this man?

She was a mess, a complete and utter wreck, after just one kiss, eager to submit to his every desire.

He captured both of her hands in one of his, pulled them above her head and held them there. He slid his other hand down her bare leg—thank God she had waxed yesterday—and, with a little hitch, pulled her upwards, snug against his groin.

She wrapped her legs around his waist; the soft silk of the borrowed boxers seemed non-existent as the firm length of him nestled hard and heavy against her heated core. She whimpered and trembled as he ground his hips on her sex.

Evan groaned deep in his throat and thrust her against the wall.

“God, woman, you drive me mad.”

His husky growl ignited her body.

His free hand made its way under her tee and cupped an unfettered breast, swollen and aching for his touch. Anne moaned sweet encouragement, whimpering as he rolled the hardened tip between his work-roughened finger and thumb.

With an impatient tug, he pulled her tee over her face, leaving her bosom bare. His mouth suckled one peak while he continued to manipulate the other with his hand.

The sensation was raw. Her body went up in flames. She arched into his groin, seeking the more intimate contact her swollen flesh demanded.

Another up thrust of his hips spread her legs enough to allow the rigid seam of his fly to press on her desperate nub.


Lucien & Serenity by Brita Addams

Lucien & Serenity by Brita Addams


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Releasing 8-15 Brita Addams Lucien and Serenity


Serenity Damrill has returned to her husband, Lucien, after a ten-year absence. She carries with her a secret that could destroy her life and possibly all that Lucien has built. She needs Lucien’s protection, and she is determined to repair her marriage.

Quite happy running the Sapphire Club, where his clients live out their wildest fantasies, Lucien has no need for the frigid wife who deserted him the day after they were married. Though he still desires her, he doubts she’ll consent to the type of intimate relationship he craves.

But in the Sapphire Club, where rules don’t exist, anything is possible…

Contains elements of bondage, anal play, voyeurism, spanking, and lots of romance.

Dead Awake Free Download

Dead Awake Free Download


Blurb: Deb Stein loved to party until she took the hunk dressed as a vampire to her bed. Now she’s one of the living dead and pissed about it. Plus, she has to find a new identity and WORK! 

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Deb eyed the man with distrust. Was he some sick pervert who lurked around funeral homes waiting for an opportunity to sneak in and do who knows what to a dead body? Gross. The scandal rags were probably filled with headlines about her reported death, and this weirdo thought it would be cool to get it on with someone famous. Too damned bad I spoiled his plans by walking out alive. Screw you, Freako.

“Guess again.” Daniel’s dark eyes bore into her. “My dear, if I wanted to be with someone famous I wouldn’t have to wait for them to die…nor, would it be you.”

Well, he doesn’t have to be so persnickety and openly sneer at the thought of doing me! He might be good looking, but it isn’t like he’s God’s gift to women. And he’s old. He must be at least forty-five. “So what are you doing here?” Wait a minute, it’s like he read my mind.

He sighed and shook his head. “I promised a friend I’d help you understand what has happened to you. And yes, I can read your thoughts.”

Freaky. A mind reader, but he knows what’s going on with my situation. Excitement suppressed her doubts. Finally, she was going to find out what happened. Perhaps she had some rare strange disease that only a few people knew about.

He studied her for a long moment with his intense black eyes and she had to resist the urge to squirm. Maybe she didn’t want to know what he was going to tell her.

“Your condition is the result of…an accident. My friend didn’t mean to get carried away and turn you into one of the living dead.”

“The what?” How did she manage to get hooked up with these weirdoes? “Are you frigging nuts?” His dark glare stopped her from saying more.

“For your information, I’m saner than you’re going to feel shortly.” He held up a hand to stop her question. “Let me finish before you start with your questions.” His voice teetered on boredom as he went on to explain what happened to her Halloween night.

The story may have bored him, but by the time he completed his tale, she was boiling mad. “You’re telling me I’m a vampire.”


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Best Nut Milk Bag Review + Giveaway

Best Nut Milk Bag Review + Giveaway

My Review:

I love this bag. I have tried it a few times since I have received it a few days ago. When working with fresh fruit for juices there is no mess or lumps. The bag is easy to clean and reuse. You can’t go wrong with this bad. It has tons of uses.


The Secret to Pulp Free Nut Milks and Juices, Without the Mess, Lumps, Frustration, Waste and Tearing You Get With Cheesecloths or Cheap Nut Milks Bags!

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Make Healthy, Deliciously Smooth Almond Milk, Nut Milks, Cold Brew Coffee and Juices While Saving Time and Money with Your Premium, 12″ x 10″ Vita Nut Milk Bag.

- You Only Have to Filter Once. Ultra Fine, High Quality Reusable Mesh Bag Means No Pulp Gets Through.
- Make More Milk from Your Almond Milk Recipe! Tight Weave and Heavy Duty Fabric Mean You Can Squeeze More Milk Out. No More Waste, and Drier Pulp!
- No Holes, Tearing or Clogging Like You Get With Cheaply Constructed Bags You Have to Keep Replacing. Our Premium, Double Enforced Outer Stitching Lasts Longer and Works Better than Other Bags.
- No Dirty Residue. Durable, Tight Weave Means No Pulp Left Behind After Washing. Your Bag Stays Sanitary for the Healthiest Drinks, Sprouts and Yogurt Possible.
- No Moldy Bags. Elastic Top Bags Dry Flat After Washing, Making Them Susceptible to Mold. Vita’s Enforced Drawstring Makes Drying Quick, Complete, and More Sanitary.


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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) Capsules Review

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) Capsules Review


My Review:

Since I am trying to loose weight and watching what all I eat I thought I would give this a try. It seems to be helping.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are the building blocks of protein. They are used to support muscle growth, similar to protein powders. Our product is a 450-Capsules of Pure BCAA’s. It is in Veggie Capsules and contains no other ingredients. Many of our competitor’s products have ingredients like Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin, Sucralose, and Titanium Dioxide. We have NONE of those ingredients. Our product is pure BCAAs in Vegetable Capsules. We are priced within 10% of all the major brands, our bottle is larger than all the competitors, and we offer the most pure product.

Please read the following article to see more info about BCAAs -

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.