J. Taylor Publishing are giving away FIVE ARCs of Secret of the Souls by Terri Rochenski!


J. Taylor Publishing are giving away FIVE ARCs of Secret of the Souls by Terri Rochenski!

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Secret of the Souls

Thrust out of their homes by a human High Priest on a vengeful mission, the Natives of Derlund no longer have a place to call their own. One escaped capture, however, and now she, Hyla, is the only one who can save her people.

For, Hyla, though, saving her nation isn’t her ultimate goal—returning to the Pool of Souls is. Becoming its Guardian and preserving their faith is her heart’s desire. The perils of her current journey, though, could leave her unable to fulfill that dream.

To find her way back to the Pool, Hyla must live among dangerous, powerful humans willing to defend the Natives, and must submit herself—her Talents—to them. While her protection is paramount, plots to end Hyla’s life will push her to her physical and emotional limits.

On the edge of sanity, her courage tested, and convictions nearly broken, Hyla’s final test of loyalty to her faith comes with the death of one she could have loved.

Readers will experience Hyla’s spiritual and self-discovering journey once more, in this latest addition to the Pool of Souls duology.

And J. Taylor Publishing is giving away FIVE ARC copies.


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About Terri Rochenski

Terri started writing stories in the 8th grade, when a little gnome whispered in her brain. Gundi’s Great Adventure never hit the best seller list, but it started a long love affair with the fantasy genre.

Today she enjoys an escape to Middle Earth during the rare ‘me’ moments her three young children allow. When not playing toys, picking them back up, or kissing boo-boos, she can be found sprawled on the couch with a book or pencil in hand, and toothpicks propping her eyelids open.

Musa Publishing Submission Call

Musa Publishing Submission Call



Authors: Helen is looking for erotica subs, vanilla to ultra kink, Cowboys any length. Submit to @helenhardt http://delphi.musapublishing.com/submissions

Release Day for Prentice & Desiree by Brita Addams

Release Day for Prentice & Desiree by Brita Addams






Guard your heart. Passion comes with a price.

Lost in grief, Prentice Hyde, the much sought after Marquess of Wycroft, salves his broken heart at the Sapphire Club. He wants love, but finding it presents problems of disloyalty to his dead wife.

Widow Desiree Huntington appears at the Sapphire Club, sees Prentice in action, and presents him with a request so seductive, he finds it difficult to refuse.

As their arrangement progresses, Prentice takes Desiree to the heights of sexual endurance and enjoyment, mires her in passion, and sees a way out of the loneliness that is his life.

But Desiree wants all Prentice has to offer—but his heart.

historical erotica, historical romance, sapphire club,

Warning: This eBook may contain language, content, images, and scenes that depict profanity, violence, sexuality/sexual relations or other content that is intended for mature adult readers. This eBook is meant only for adults as defined by the laws of the country or region where you made your purchase. If you are under the age of maturity, if adult material offends you, or if it is illegal to read, view, purchase, or own such material in your community please be warned that this eBook may contain objectionable content. Store your eBook carefully so that it cannot be accessed by younger readers.




Prentice & Desiree

Book Two Sapphire Club series

Brita Addams


Chapter One


Desiree’s quarry skirted the periphery of the ballroom. She’d feigned

indisposition to escape her mother’s cloying grasp and hidden

near the terrace doors until her assignation wended his way through the

marriage-minded mothers and their desperate daughters.

“He’s mine,” she silently told each one. “I will claim the

hand of the Earl of Cheshire.”

In anticipation of his momentary arrival, she smoothed imaginary

wrinkles from her gown, as he smiled and flirted, kissed hands, and

chatted with mothers worried about how firmly their daughters sat on the


While Desiree’s parents had betrothed her to Jonathan Greeley, they

had neither consulted Desiree nor asked her opinion of the match. He was

fine enough—rich, handsome, and several years—but not too many—older

than she, but at eighteen, she wasn’t as marriage-minded as she ought to

be, or so said her mother at every opportunity.

Her sense of adventure kept her searching for something more than

needlework, watercolors, and handling the household accounts, much to

her mother’s consternation. The woman insisted upon daily visits to the

milliner, the dressmaker, the shoemaker. Desiree had more hats, dresses,

and shoes than any woman of her acquaintance.

“You must go to your husband in clothes befitting your station. You are

a lady of good breeding.”

Earlier in the evening, when the Earl of Cheshire asked her to dance,

her heart nearly sank into her pretty kid shoes. She marked the steps of

her well-rehearsed quadrille, and the earl flirted shamelessly, the mere

intensity of his gaze enough to entrance her even an hour later. When

they came together, he’d made the dance an intimate experience, one that

hadn’t escaped her vigilant mother.

“No lady should dance so closely to a young man. Why, I wouldn’t dance

that close to your father. Where has decency gone?”

She’d reasoned that explained her lack of siblings.

The earl’s flirtations weren’t lost on her. She was, given the opportunity, of

a like mind. Two years at the estimable Mrs. Petrie’s School for Young Ladies

in Bath had served to enhance more than her education as to the use of globes.

Her real instruction came after hours, during the randy conversations

with her fellow students. She’d learned the ways of the world—that

which transpires between men and women—taught by the girls whose

maidenheads hindered the lives they wished to lead.

The school’s drawing classes often served to educate during those

long nights, as Ruby Lake drew, from memory, or so she assured, detailed

images of the male member and its many uses.

“This belongs to none other than the Earl of Cheshire,” Ruby told her

rapt audience. “One day, I’ll marry him and experience it—again.”

Ruby related details of her encounter with the earl, and the girls nearly

expired from envy. All but Desiree. That night, she made it her purpose

to wrangle the lascivious earl and, through any means necessary, make

him her own. Every woman of her age would envy her for having taken the

plum prize on the marriage mart.

Though the drawings of the earl’s cock—Ruby insisted they refer to it

as such—frightened her, due to its sheer size, she’d grown so enamored

by it that she filched the drawings and kept them as part of her most

treasured possessions. That, and her father’s not so secret collection of

erotic drawings that turned her mind from embroidery to anything carnal.

That very afternoon, Desiree had, while under strict instruction to nap

in preparation for the ball, taken the drawings from their secure hideyhole

and traced over them with her finger. The implied intimacy shook

her, made her feel things she didn’t understand. The interminable heat

remained long after she tucked the drawings away.

Should luck find her, as well as a not so full moon, she’d proceed with

her plan to discover for herself whether the Earl of Cheshire was indeed

thusly endowed, or if his fabled member, as with so many things in life,

was a mere figment of a naughty girl’s imagination.

Waiting for him just inside the large French doors unnerved her, given

that her overprotective mother cast a rather long shadow. She had spies

everywhere and seemed capable of being in more than one place at a time.

I should have told him to meet me in the orangery.

From behind the Corinthian column, she spied on him. He moved with

such grace—without doubt all the men in the room envied him his God-given


She placed her hand over her heart, which beat faster than it should. He

was a god himself, blessed with hair the color of sunlight, skin bronzed by

hours on horseback, his tall muscular body—oh, my. She took her fan from

her reticule and whipped it to purpose.

As he spoke to Emily Hargrave, Desiree’s heart thudded. They spoke

briefly, he smiled, she giggled. Another vacuous daughter of nobility.

He nodded to other girls, kissed the hands of no less than a dozen, and

the moment she stepped out from behind the sheltering column, he stood

before her, his smile as bright as the sun on a clear summer morning. “Good

evening, again, Miss Fairholme. Might you care to join me on the terrace?”

He winked and offered his arm. Oh, he played the part of deceiver well,

given she had arranged the assignation by way of a promissory missive.

Shameful, yes, but she had competition to consider.

She gave the room one last glance and took his arm. “Yes, I would,”

she said with a lilt in her voice. No reason to sound scared, despite her

watery knees.

The earl guided her through the French doors, out onto the terrace.

“The music is so loud,” she said, taking matters into her own hands. “You

might find the garden to your liking.” She grabbed his hand and scampered

down the wide stone steps. “Oh, look. I’d love to see the orangery, wouldn’t you?”

She dashed across the manicured lawn, toward the orangery at the

edge of the property.

“Your parents might miss you.”

“I’ll worry about that later.”

Brita’s Website


We Will Not Forget 9-11

We Will Not Forget 9-11

9-11 Remembered


We can not forget what happened on that day.  The lives that were lost, the people who jumped in to help no matter the cost.  From  the Military to Firemen and all in-between. Too many lives were lost for a senseless action.  To all the brave men and women who protect us still today we congratulate you and commend you on a job well done.  Thank you for all you do for us.


Release day for Mystic Thompson Fighting Kudzu

Happy Release Day


Never cower in the shadow of shame.

In 1972 on a hot, late spring day in Georgia, five-year-old Noble Thorvald plays contentedly alone in her suburban backyard. Her only companions…an imaginary professional football team.

As she plays in her world of wonder and adventure, Noble is unaware of the challenges life will hurl in her direction – challenges that will redefine her more than once.

Fighting Kudzu is the lyrical saga that traces Noble’s life as she emerges into adulthood and discovers herself.

#young adult #YA #family #southernfiction #alcoholism #comingofage #comingout #family #divorce #football #kudzu #magnolia #music #Atlanta #Georgia #TheSouth #lesbian #GLBTQ #gay #highschool #teenager #TheSeventies


The house was quiet and dark. I removed all of my cards from the bag as well as the heart with a mouth and the special valentine from Jill. I quietly walked down the hallway, “Mama?” No response. “Mama, where are you?” I stopped at her closed door and leaned into it to see if I heard anything. Nothing. I slowly turned the knob and opened the door.

Mama was lying in the bed, still and quiet. “Mama?” I whispered. I went to the edge of the bed and sat beside her. “Mama?” Another whisper.

She opened her eyes and stared blankly at me as if she didn’t recognize me. I smiled down at her. “I want to show you something. What I got at school today.” I pulled the cards out onto her bed.

She sat up partially. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I wanted to show…”

She cut me off in mid-sentence. “Get the hell outta here.”

With that she flung her arm across the bed and my cards scattered on the floor. I felt the heat of tears beginning to sting my eyes. I crouched on the floor and began to neatly collect the cards.

“I said get out!!”

“I’m getting my things.” The tears were flowing now and I had to gasp to be able to speak.

“I want you out now! NOW! NOW! NOW!”

I grabbed what I could hold in my arms and I ran from the door while she continued to scream, “NOW! NOW! NOW!” I slammed the door behind me and leaned against the wall in the hall. I slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor. I looked at what I was able to salvage of my valentines. There weren’t many, and the one from Jill was not there.

I tried to stop crying, but I couldn’t. I managed to get the heart with a mouth, but now it was torn and crumpled and one of its eyes had been torn off. I cried softly as I tried to smooth it. The house was dark and quiet. The only sound was of me trying to stifle my sobs as I attempted to organize the remnants of my valentine jackpot.

The heart was lying on the floor looking up at me with a small tear down the center of its forehead. A broken heart. It made me think of Mama’s description of what heartbreak was. She said when someone breaks your heart, things between you and that person will never be the same. She had struggled to describe what a broken heart actually felt like.

At this moment, I understood why she had struggled so. I knew that I was feeling heartbreak, and it was hard to describe. Once I was watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins. The show had been about python snakes. Marlin explained that pythons did not kill by biting, because they have no venom. The python kills its prey by wrapping around its torso and squeezing. Every time the poor trapped animal exhales, the snake tightens. For the prey, breathing gets more and more shallow until it eventually can’t breathe at all. It dies a very slow, painful death by suffocation.

This is what I thought heartbreak felt like. I could barely breathe and I felt that any minute the struggle would end, and death would come, slow and painful. Mama had just broken my heart, which meant things between us would never be the same. The python tightened its grip again and I fell to the floor. I lay crying among my torn valentines, struggling to breathe.

About Mystic:

Author Mystic Thompson is a veteran educator who has taught Physical Education, Social Studies, and Reading at the middle school level. Additionally, she has been both an Assistant Principal and Principal at the high school level. She has worked in Georgia, North Carolina, and California. 

She currently teaches at a charter high school in the greater Los Angeles area, where she is also a member of the Board of Trustees. Fighting Kudzu is her first novel. She has begun work on a sequel that is currently entitled Downhill Running. 


The Duke and the Seduction of Fair Felicity by Sunny Lane & Giveaway

The Duke and the Seduction of Fair Felicity by Sunny Lane & Giveaway





Can a man deeply in love with his wife overcome all the obstacles placed in the couple’s path by the cruel teachings of a jealous relative?  

With a glimpse from across the room, the Duke fell instantly in love with beautiful Felicity. Understanding if he would ever enjoy domestic tranquility with his beloved bride, he would need sage advice, he turned to a well known poet for a solution to his problem. Could the Bard have the key to not only his happiness, but that of Felicity’s as well? Or would his desperate attempt end all chances of marital bliss for this star-crossed couple?


Warning: This eBook may contain language, content, images, and scenes that depict profanity, violence, sexuality/sexual relations or other content that is intended for mature adult readers. This eBook is meant only for adults as defined by the laws of the country or region where you made your purchase. If you are under the age of maturity, if adult material offends you, or if it is illegal to read, view, purchase, or own such material in your community please be warned that this eBook may contain objectionable content. Store your eBook carefully so that it cannot be accessed by younger readers.



She frolicked naked on the edge of the clear stream like some nubile wood nymph while her clothes hung helter-skelter on the surrounding shrubbery. Waist-length, dark hair dripped in wet tendrils over pale skin and partially covered her ample breasts. Even as he stood watching, frozen immobile from behind a tree, she tossed her hair and stood totally revealed in all her beauty. The impact of the sight of his gorgeous, naked wife reminded the duke how long he had been without the favor of a woman. He grimaced and clenched his teeth, fighting for control over his traitorous body. With her back turned to him she bent over and scooped water to splash over her shoulders. As the cold water hit her she squealed with laughter at the shock. Her melodious voice rang out with delight.

An involuntary gasp escaped him, and he eased backwards, forcing himself to return quietly to the small cabin. He proceeded to prepare the fresh game for their supper. He knew who needed a bath in the cold stream. Ruefully he acknowledged this experiment might prove to be a more difficult task than he had anticipated. Who might be the schooled and who might be the teacher was still very much in balance.

Buy link on Musa website : http://musapublishing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=68&products_id=814


One commenter will receive a Musa Gift Card valued at $5.99.  So what are you waiting for?

Guest Brina Courtney

Guest Brina Courtney

Brina Courtney is a young adult author obsessed with chocolate, crime shows, and fantasy movies. She’s spent the last few years as an elementary teacher and a high school cheering coach. She lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her husband and two very loud, small dogs. You can find her on her website,http://brinacourtney.blogspot.com/ or on Twitter, @brinacourtney.
The Promise
Stealing Promises
The Cryptid Tales series
Summer in Salem







Review for Demon Killers by Myra Nour

Review for Demon Killers by Myra Nour

Attacked by a soldier of the demon race, a young woman has a child from their union. To her horror, he bears the mark of the demon, and her people will stop at nothing to kill it. Being part fairy, Azra uses her magic to try and save her child from his demon blood. In spite of her best efforts, he briefly turns into the monstrous Sartwor beast, slaying her entire village.A perilous journey to the home of the pure blood fairies ensues as she races to save Bretuck before he turns into the beast again. This time she may not be able to pull him from the grasp of the creature ruling his body. Can a mother’s love prevail over her son’s cursed blood?

  • Print Length: 96 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
My thoughts:
Demon Killers is riveting with strength, magic, twist and emotions.  The pages keep you gipped in Azra and her sons’ story.  You want to know if she can find the cure with the fairies help and can she find them?  With the harsh land elements and people trying to kill her son she has to take precautions.  The characters keep a strong hold on you even after the story ends.
The author does a wonderful job mixing human and demon together in such a way the reader doesn’t want to give up. Azra’s love for her son is magical.  With her love and strength you feel as nothing could go wrong.
Guest Author Merry Farmer, Review & Giveawy

Guest Author Merry Farmer, Review & Giveawy

 Guest Author Merry Farmer




Below you will find my review and a giveaway.



Talk about a hot steamy read this is the book for you.  Charlie has escaped her stepfather and has found a town to settle in.  She meets Michael and they settle on a business arrangement to get married.  They each hold secrets and the truth will set you free in this book.  From the beginning the pages keep making you turn as you want to find out more and more.  It was a great read the sex scenes were not over the top like some are.  A great book.


Our Little Secrets†is the first book in Merry Farmer‘s highly acclaimed, historical†Montana Romance series. In Our Little Secrets,†she writes about the sins, secrets, and the impossibility of keeping them apart…or quiet.

“…a story that has you begging for more and has you searching for answers from the first page….The past haunts the present as two people try to move into the future. A quick marriage with no questions asked. A budding and growing love. And a past that refuses to stay under wraps. A great story that will keep you wanting to know more. With depth characters and a story line that is unique in its own but has all the strength to pull you in and not let you up for air.” -†lilgracielue, Amazon reviewer

Get Our Little Secrets on Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

Add Our Little Secrets to your Goodreads to-read shelf!

About Our Little Secrets

OurLittleSecrets-coverMichael West swore he would never fall in love again. So when the beautiful and wily Charlotte steps off the train looking for a new life he jumps at the business opportunity she presents. Engaged forty-five minutes after meeting, married the next day, Michael thinks heís found everything a respectable man should have. Except that Michael is as far from respectable as they come. They agreed not to ask questions about each otherís pasts, but when the past seeps into their present Michael suspects his passionate new wife is not who she says she is. Too bad heís already fallen in love with her.

Charlotte Baldwin has a secret. She fled Philadelphia to escape the sins of her past but someone is following her. What better way to hide than by marrying Michael West, Cold Springs, Montanaís enigmatic shopkeeper? A new name, a new life, and a passionate husband is exactly what she needs to leave her sins behind. But when it comes to keeping secrets Charlotte may have met her match in Michael. When a connection neither of them expects catches up with them, the shocking revelation means Charlotte may have run right into the arms of her enemy.

No sin stays a secret foreverÖ.

Genre classification:†Western Historical Romance

Get†Our Little Secrets†on†Amazon,†Amazon UK,†Smashwords,†Barnes & Noble, and†iBooks.

Add†Our Little Secrets†to your Goodreads to-read shelf!

About the author

Merry FarmerMerry Farmer is an award-winning author of Historical Romance and what she likes to call ìSci-Fi for Women.î She lives in suburban Philadelphia with her two cats and enough story ideas to keep her writing until sheís 132. Her second novel, The Faithful Heart, was a 2102 RONE Award finalist and her unpublished futuristic novel A Manís World won first place in the Novel: Character category at the 2013 Philadelphia Writerís Conference. She is out to prove that you can make a living as a self-published author and to help others to do the same.

Find Merry Farmer on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon Author Page.
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Guest Author BJ Daniels Q & A and review

Guest Author BJ Daniels Q & A and review


 Today we have the pleasure of having B.J. Daniels on the blog and she was nice enough to do a Q & A with us.

1.)   Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming release, Mercy?


I’ve never done a serial killer book because I like murders that are more personal. When I began writing MERCY (I write by the seat of my pants without any idea where the story is going until the characters tell me) I saw the opening and thought, “What is this about?”


The next thing I knew, I was on the trail of a possible serial killer with my rogue U.S. marshal Rourke Kincaid. I loved his perseverance (something writers know well.)

He took me for quite a ride before the book was finished. I ended up in the hospital at 3 a.m., 20 degrees below zero outside, with my first migraine. MERCY, the 5th book in the Beartooth, Montana series, became the book that almost killed me – and my first serial killer book.


2.)   How did you come up with the title?


At the end of the first chapter, my killer is telling her victim to “Beg for mercy.” But to me the title is more about having been given mercy (compassion, love, understanding) at some point in our lives and how that makes us the people we are.

When I was doing research on serial killers, I became fascinated by how one person in the same type of family situation becomes a killer and the other person doesn’t.


3.)   The cover illustration overlooks a small town. Can you tell us how this cover sets the tone for the book?


I write about small towns because that’s what I know. The Beartooth series takes place in and around a small Montana town where everyone knows everyone else – and their business. But there are always secrets. Also, things work differently in places where everyone knows each other, so I have more leeway when it comes to even how law enforcement operates.


4.)   You said that the books that you struggle with the most are the ones that you end up loving the most. Can you talk about the writing process for Mercy?

You mean the book that tried to kill me?  I do love this book though because of it. It was hard to write, but they say write what you know. I often write about characters from dysfunctional families. I grew up in one though I later realized there were families a whole lot worse than mine. Instead of becoming a serial killer, I became a writer. We both live in fantasy worlds where we settle scores, get revenge, make those in the wrong get what they have coming to them (at least what we think they have coming to them.)

Where I struggled with MERCY was giving the reader enough information and yet not giving away who the killer really was. I didn’t want any of them to be the killers at one point. I cared too much about them and what they’d been through. I kept telling myself that I was wrong about who I suspected. There had to be someone else who did the killings. Talk about denial.

Also this book took a twist I wasn’t expecting. I think all authors draw on their own life experiences. A lot of me and my life ends up in my books. I grew up with a mother who was…somewhat psychic. It scared her. I often wondered how that ability (who knows how strong it was since she fought it) would shape a person’s life – or torture that person.

So it was bound to end up in one of my books.


5.)   Was there a scene in this book that was harder to write than others?


I often struggle with the action scene during the climax. I just feel as if every fight scene has been done. It’s easier to figure out how the good guys get the upper hand than the choreography of the fight.


6.)   What was your favorite part of the book to write?


I loved creating all of the characters. I felt I knew them by the end. That’s why I didn’t want any of them to be guilty of the murders. They all wanted to be good people, but they were flawed and struggling with the hand they’d been dealt. We all know it isn’t fair to blame your childhood once you’re an adult, but that childhood is what shaped you and some people fight and fight to overcome it and just can’t.


7.)   Can you tell us a bit more about the town of Beartooth, MT and the people who live there?


They are mostly rural people who appreciate where they live and don’t want it to change. They are often suspicious of newcomers. I know when I moved to a very small Montana town eight years ago, people kept asking me why I’d done such a thing. There are always those who dream of going to a bigger city. They are usually the ones who never leave though. So Beartooth and the community around it are people who know each other, who depend on each other and take care of their own.


8.)   How do the dual locations of Seattle, WA and Beartooth, MT add to the story?


It’s interesting but when people leave Montana for the big city it is often Seattle. It is surprising how many Montanans end up there because of better paying jobs.

But in this story you have a marshal who is like a fish out of water in a small town like Beartooth. Of the two women in the story, most people go to a big city to disappear but Cassie came to a small Montana town. Laura is a prime example of someone leaving Montana for greener grasses.


9.)   How much research went into portraying a serial killer?


I can laugh about it now but a year ago the first week of September I took a whole stack of research books on serial killers and headed for the mountains. I was off the grid for a week and did nothing but read about serial killers. I swear between the grizzly bears that wandered through camp and the serial killer true stories, I had nightmares.


10.)         Did things get too real when writing this book?


They did get too real in this book. I remember interviewing  Tim Cahill years ago when I worked for the newspaper. He was writing Buried Dreams: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, the story of John Wayne Gacy. I remember him telling me that his wife hated it when he came home after interviewing Gacy. He said it was impossible not to bring it home with him and that thoughts of it lasted for years.


11.)         Did you base the character of Callie Westfield on anyone?


I base my characters on no one and everyone. I’ve known people who did well in life and others who didn’t. I’ve always been curious about what made them the way they were.

Callie had a classic serial killer background. One characteristic of a serial killer that I found very telling in my research was the person’s relationship with his/her mother. The mother seemed the key.


12.)         Can you tell us a little bit about Rourke Kincaid’s internal struggle?

If you have ever loved someone you shouldn’t, then you know what Rourke is going through. Love picks us sometimes, not the other way around. It is hard to go into something like that with rational thinking. You know you shouldn’t for so many reasons and yet when you see that person, all rational thought goes out the window.

Also don’t most of us think love can conquer all? Even as we are getting in deeper, we make excuses. We tell ourselves that we’re fine, that we can get out at any time. Or worse, that the other person will change.

If this wasn’t true, then there wouldn’t be so many bad relationships where the warning signs were apparent before the couple went into it – and yet they couldn’t seem to help themselves.


13.)         Who would play Callie and Rourke in a movie?


I would love Amy Smart for Cassie and Alanna Uvbach for Laura. For Rourke…Paul Walker!



14.)         What is the best advice you received when writing Mercy?


To not give up. It is hard sometimes. I would go home after work and tell my husband that this could be the book that never gets finished. He always says, “Oh, you’ll be fine. You always finish them.” He’s not helpful.


15.)        What do you want people to take away from reading this book?


I hope they enjoy the mystery and the romance and it takes them away for however many hours it takes them to read it. I don’t kid myself. I write escape fiction. It’s okay too if I scare them a little. Mercy intrigued and scared me. Ultimately, there are some people who can’t be saved – or let loose on the rest of society.



16.)          What is your next project?


The Beartooth, Montana series continues with the six-book series: The Montana Hamiltons. The first book, WILD HORSES, will be out in March, followed by LONE RIDER, in July. It is the stories of the six Hamilton sisters. Their father, Senator Buckmaster Hamilton, is running for president of the United States. But as each of his daughters find romance – and trouble – it threatens his candidacy. The future of the country hangs in the balance by the sixth book because Buckmaster has a mystery of his own.



The hunt for a killer leads to a battle between justice and desire

For U.S. marshal Rourke Kincaid, there’s the law…and then there’s his law. When the two don’t agree, he always trusts his instincts. A killing spree has gripped the Northwest, showing a strange connection that only he sees, and now the old rules of justice no longer apply. Forced to turn rogue, he goes deep undercover to track his mysterious female suspect to a quiet, unassuming café in the wild, isolated mountains of Beartooth, Montana.

But encountering Callie Westfield complicates his mission in ways he never expected. As suspicious as she seems, her fragile beauty and sexy charm get to Rourke. Then the gory crimes begin anew. With his heart suddenly at war with his instincts, he has only two options. Either turn Callie over to the law, or put everything—including his badge and his life—on the line to protect her.



The story was wild with some creepiness  to keep you turning the pages. U.S. Marshall Rourke Kincaid is torn between trusting his gut and following the advice of his one time partner Laura.  A good romantic suspense that keeps you guessing until the very end.